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This 3-year-old little lady is Shay, and here is her story…

Shay was part of a group of a couple dozen or so dogs who were found chained way back in the bush on government-owned property on St Croix. She spent her life, along with many other dogs chained to pallets and used for breeding and whatever else people needed them for. They were fed enough to stay alive and live miserable lives.

They were found by our Animal Neglect Detective one afternoon, the next day when it was arranged to go back for them, every single dog had been moved. Overnight. Their chains sat empty in a haunting scene.

Just Shay and her daughter, Didi, were “lucky enough” to be left behind. Both girls were very weak and malnourished but still had such sweet, gentle souls. They went into a wonderful foster home together. Shay has since seen her little girl off to her forever home and she remains behind.

Shay has learned to love hikes, beach walks and runs, playing with her dog friends, or just keeping her foster mama company while she works at her desk.

It is time for Shay’s life to begin. She is about 40 lbs and heartworm positive. She has started treatment and is otherwise a healthy, happy girl. She will be a wonderful companion for someone or a great addition to a family.

Adoption inquiries to Subject Shay.

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