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This is the miraculous story of Diamond…

Diamond was found chained way back in the Bush in a spot where nobody would have found her. She had no shelter, no food, no water, tangled around a tree trunk with about 3 inches free. She had been back there for 2 years being bred and visited maybe once a week and given just enough to survive. Two years, could you imagine?

The day I unhooked her, she cried like a human and peed on herself. She led me out of those woods like a bat out of the hell. Like after all that time she still knew exactly how to get out if given the opportunity. In the car she kept coming and putting her head on me and then back to the window to stare in utter amazement. She went immediately to Sugar Mill Veterinary Center to be examined.

She began her first journey of learning love, and gaining weight with a wonderful foster family thanks to Nicole Hart Mercer. Then learning house rules, learning about kids, learning how to have foster pup siblings, and going on adventures like hikes, beach visits, and days out with the family in the car.

When Diamond reached a healthy enough weight she was spayed and ready for adoption. It didn’t take long before she caught the eye of a family in Florida.

Thanks to the help of Island Dog Rescue Diamond was able to fly off St. Croix to Puerto Rico, where she was cared for overnight, and then off to Miami early the next morning where her new family came to meet her.

She is now a happy resident of Florida.

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